@crazysexyfuntraveler – Athens, Greece – EN: let’s learn some weird details about me: 1. I never …

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Athens, Greece

@crazysexyfuntraveler – ➡EN: let’s learn some weird details about me:
1. I never eat seeds in melons, watermelons and grapes. I spit them all out🍉🍇
2. I’ve never tasted hot coffee. Not even a sip ever in my life. Never found a reason to even taste any hot coffee. I did try ice coffee a few times years ago but not since I became vegan in 2013☕
3. I don’t like men with hairy chest🤐
4. I am a chocoholic. I seriously love vegan chocolate and if I didn’t control myself, I could eat a whole chocolate every day 😯🍫
5. I don’t use shower gel and hardly ever use any soap for hands. When I turned vegan 5 years ago, I was trying to use as least cosmetics as possible to find out what I can live without when on the road. I am a minimalist and realized I don’t need shower gels nor soaps. I’m hardly ever dirty from mud, and since I’ve quit using soaps, my hands are softer than they used to be.
*Now tell me something interesting about yourself 🙋
➡SK: tu je par divnych veci o mne:
1. Nikdy nejem kostky z melonov, vodnych melonov ani hrozna. Vzdy ich vypluvnem. Proste mi vadia🍇🍉
2. Nikdy som sa nenapila teplej kavy. Fakt ani glg za cely zivot. Doteraz som nenasla dovod preco by som teplu kavu vobec mala skusat. Ladovu kavu som parkrat skusila, ale uz vobec nie odkedy som vegan od 2013.
3. Nepacia sa mi chlapi s chlpatou hrudou🤐
4. Milujem vegansku cokoladu a keby som sa nekontrolovala, dokazala by som zjest jednu celu aj kazdy den 🍫
5. Nepouzivam sprchovy gel a vacsinou ani mydlo. Ked som sa pred 5 rokmi stala vegankou, snazila som sa pouzivat co najmenej kozmetiky a zistit, co na cestach nepotrebujem. Som minimalista a prisla som na to, ze sa dokazem zaobist bez sprchacu a mydla. Malokedy som spinava od blata, a odkedy nepouzivam mydlo na ruky, mam ich jemnejsie ako predtym.
*Napis mi nieco zaujimave aj o tebe😊
📷 @chovi_travel in Athens
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  1. 1. I love travelling too. I have travelled to around 65 countries. 2. Everyone thinks I love flying but actually I love a long overland journey more. 3. If I don’t shave my beard after a day I become really irritable and cranky. 4. When I travel I hate not speaking any of the language and get quite shy if I don’t learn and 5. I always touch the outside of an aircraft as I board, it started off as a stupid thing but has become my good luck charm!

  2. 1. I don’t like women with hairy chest so much.
    2. I don’t buy chocolate because I eat everything in 7 minutes.
    3. I got rid of the TV 5 years ago.
    4. I can’t stay in the same place more than 2 months.
    5. I only drink water, natural juices, white wine or fresh coconut in a nice beach with white sand and mad monkeys around

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