@ivanagreslikova – Chiang Mai, Thailand – MEL, Germany “You remember your very first coffee?”, I a…

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

@ivanagreslikova – MEL, Germany “You remember your very first coffee?”, I am wondering. “Hmmm, yes, it was terrible. I was 21, and it was at a funeral party… Few years after, I drank some coffee at my first job. You know, typical office coffee… I was basically working in an office, scanning documents… Very boring …
I was living in Germany and was putting lots of milk into my coffees. But then I had my first cappuccino in Berlin, and I just loved it. So, gradually, I switched from having cups of coffee with lot of milk into filtered coffee…,” Mel’s remembering.
She was so fascinated by coffee culture, the process and all what’s behind a simple cup of black beverage, that she started working a few days a week in a coffee shop in Frankfurt while still having her regular 9-5 corporate job. She attended workshops, events, festivals, fairs, learned from the pros… Eventually she quit her job and started traveling the world. Not to tick off the landmarks, but to explore specialty coffee and write about them. “Have you ever had a such a bad coffee that you gave it back?” “I didn’t give it back, but I threw it away few times… I like lightly roasted coffee, when you can taste the real flavour of coffee berries, the flower flavour, you know… This is what often happens, that at coffee shops they burn the beans, and all these rich flavours are gone. And if people drink a coffee such a cafe, they say they don’t like coffee in general, that it’s bitter, and too strong, but they just didn’t taste good coffee…

Once I even wanted to have my own cafe, but then, I realised I don’t want to be stuck in one place… I started to invent myself, what could I do to travel the world and keep my passion for coffee… Now all my travels turn around coffee. I’d never enter a cafe without knowing what kind of place it’s gonna be, without reading about it and doing my research in advance…,“ says Mel. “So, when you write about particular coffee, can you still smell it?,” I’m asking. “Not really, for me it’s not about drinking, it’s about the whole experience, environment, watching people behind the bar focusing on what they’re doing. I love the process, it’s not about having just a coffee anymore.”


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