@ivanagreslikova – – CHONG, Georgetown, Malaysia „I don’t know their names, b…

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@ivanagreslikova – CHONG, Georgetown, Malaysia „I don’t know their names, but I know what they want,“
said Chong after he fetched a newspapers from his stall and gave it briskly into an open window of his customer’s car. „I’ve been doing this job for almost 40 years, since my 16.“ „Always at the same place?“
„Always at the same place, madam,“ replied Chong while pointing at a corner on a busy street of Georgetown where we were standing. „I wake up every day around 3-3.30, so I can come here at 4 and start selling, untill 11. By lunchtime I’m done. Every day.
But people don’t read newspapers so much now… Less and less. Only old people. Young have the Internet, and they don’t read about the politics…,“ he explained sadly. „So when do you actually rest if you work every day?“
„Oh, no rest. No holiday. I have 10 days off per year, and when I have it, I’m thinking to go back and sell the papers cause people need me every day…,“ he tried to justify. „And what do you do when you have a day off?“ „I sleep, madam. I’m so tired that all I want to do is sleeping.
I am the third generation, madam. My grandfather was selling newspapers, my father was selling newspapers…“ „Always at the same corner?“
„Always at the same corner, madam.“ „Do you have kids who would overtake your job?“ „Oh no kids, I’m a bachelor, madam,“ he laughed. „So when I’m not here, no newspapers here…“


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