@ivanagreslikova – – FABIAN & CHYEN YEE, Singapore “Where you’re standing now…

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@ivanagreslikova – FABIAN & CHYEN YEE, Singapore “Where you’re standing now, there used to be graves,” stated Fabian.
I froze for a second and looked below.
Fabian and Chuen Yee are two Chinese locals in Singapore who lead a walking tour through Bukit Brown cemetery – the biggest Chinese cemetery outside of China with over 100 000 graves. “Since they started working, they removed already 3000 graves,” continued Fabian.
I looked on my left, where the perpetual noise was coming from. Workers in helmets were walking on a concrete construction where a new 4-lane road will be open. Right next to where thousands of people are buried. “By 2025, they plan to redevelop it all and change it into a housing area… There is a lot of graves with no relatives alive, so municipality does a ceremony for them separately when relocating them. Otherwise they post an announcement here at the cemetery with aim to contact the relatives and arrange the relocation with them.” Bukit Brown cemetery was found at the beginning of the last century, closed in 1970’s, when they already wanted to shut it down for similar reasons, but the local community managed to stop them. „Have you tried to protest or negotiate with them this time?” I wondered. “No. Not in Singapore. Lots of protests bring you into trouble. The best protest is a silence protest. Like we do. It’s all about private work. We talk to the government, try to explain the issue and they try to help out for now with the information signs which remind the historical importance of the place. But that’s all what we can do now.” #lookatmyproudhands


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