@ivanagreslikova – – RESI, Germany “If people would know how much work is beh…

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@ivanagreslikova – RESI, Germany “If people would know how much work is behind growing coffee beans, picking them, processing and that farmers work at night only to deliver high quality coffee later on, they would stop complaining about the high price in good coffee shops that is actually not high at all, if you count all work.

And can you imagine that many farmers don’t know how they beans taste in coffee. Sure, they might prepare a cup of coffee using their own way, but the taste of a final coffee drink depends on a good barista, too. Which a farmer from the hills will never know…” Resi initially studied Global Studies in Freiburg, which brought her to a one year scholarship at the university in Bangkok, where she worked on a project run by EU. “Basically my job was to check how the NGOs use the EU funds, whether they use them properly. Which in that case meant to put them for educational programs for kids at the Mae La refugee camp in Northern Thailand.
Because often these kids had no right to attend a Thai school, the projects supported the education of Burmese refugees.” A few years ago, Resi graduated from photography at the Belgian academy, and after discovering her boundless love for coffee in Rome, she set a website focusing on … coffee, introducing best coffee specialists in Europe, coffee shops, artisan roasters, as well as farmers who dedicate their lives to precious beans around the world. “What have brought you to Thailand? That’s not a very famous coffee destination in general…”
“True. Thailand hasn’t been known for it’s coffee, right? If one should look for the best coffee in the world, he should travel to Ethiopia.
To come here and explore coffee scene in Thailand, one must have some bond to the country. There’s always something different than coffee that calls one here… For me, I just feel so good in Asia… It’s my second home…

And as for the coffee trends here, Thai people can pick the latest trends very quickly. And they start to experiment with their local beans much more than a few years ago. Which is very good.”


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