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@sabinazet – Yesterday Bali went quiet while celebrating Nyepi – The Silent Day! People are supposed to welcome The Balinese New Year in silence and solitude. On this day nobody is allowed to go out to the streets, no planes are flying, no cars/scooters are driving and all the businesses are closed. It is forbidden to use lights in the night or listen to music. People should meditate, reflect and to avoid any distraction even the internet is shut down…To protect the silence there are just members of local security, called Pecalang, guarding the empty streets. And all of this in order to fool the evil spirits by pretending there isn’t a single living soul on the entire island!

However the night before Nyepi Bali is extraordinary loud, colorful and joyful!
The Ogoh-Ogoh statutes representing evil spirits meet at the intersections during the Ngrupuk Parade. These enormous, handmade moving statues are then burned as a symbol of burning the bad energy.
Bali has its own 2 calendars, one-Pawukon calendar, with only 210 days and other one – Saka Calendar based on the moon phases, according to which the year 1941 has just stared. The Gregorian Calendar’s 1941 is a year that would deserve to be lived again and better and I am lucky to be in Bali where for me even the 1940 was just full of joy an happiness…



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